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Our Goal Is To Ensure That We Honestly And Fairly Represent Our Clients

We understand that our clients are in crisis. We handle all aspects of a case from the very
beginning to the end. We personally handle all court attendances and ensure that our clients
are properly represented in every instance to obtain the best possible outcome.


C.C.’s Motor Vehicle Accident

“In 2008 I had the misfortune of be involved in a motor vehicle accident. This misfortune however was quickly turned into a positive experience, as I not only met a great lawyer, but a truly understanding and great man, Jason Kimelman. Jason not only worked efficiently but also effectively to get the job done right the first time. With every step in the case, Jason kept me well...”

P.S.’s Slip and Fall

“After a recent slip and fall accident I hired a lawyer to handle my lawsuit. After a few short months I realized that the lawyer I retained at first was not equipped to handle my case. Jason Kimelman of Wolf/Kimelman was referred to me and my decision to have him represent me is one I will never regret. It was apparent during the first meeting that he had the expertise and...”

S.C.’s Win With The Insurance Company

“When I met Jason Kimelman I had been fighting with insurance companies (due to a M.V.A) for a year and a half with no progress. I suffered from numerous injuries and chronic pain. Jason worked with me for 10 months. He answered all my questions and took over dealing with both insurance companies which was a huge stress relief for me. Jason became a friend...”

T. Bailey’s Experience

“Kevin and Jason, I just wanted to thank you both for all the hard work you put into my case. It is very rare that you feel others have your best interest at heart...”

S. Lloyd’s Kudos

“Thank you for settling my unwinnable case...”

S. Richards Many Thanks

“When I first walked into your office I was initially very nervous about the entire process, but I can honestly say that in reality I did not have to worry about one thing. Every single last detail was taken care of for me. Jason, the brief you wrote was excellent and Kevin you instantly knew the other sides next move. I feel very lucky to have had great lawyers who stood behind...”

Fred Cito’s Spinal Cord Injury

“Mr. Wolf took over my case from my first lawyer who had been handling my file for 10 years. In no time, Mr. Wolf knew more about my case than the first lawyer and in about 1 year, settled the claim so I could move on with my life after a spinal cord injury. It takes more than just a degree or certificate stating that someone's a lawyer to be a lawyer. Kevin has...”

Dwight Carty Accident Compensated

“I can't even begin to fathom the amount of appreciation I have for Mr. Kevin Wolf, for the tremendous work he has done for me. Kevin has shown exceptional professionalism, dedication with aggressiveness in making sure I was compensated for the traumatic experience I've been through after my accident. What I've learned when dealing with Kevin is...”

B.D.’s Tort Claim With The Insurance Company

“Before I switched law firms and hired Kevin Wolf, there were many outstanding issues regarding my attendant care, housekeeping, and income loss. My previous lawyer had been ignoring these important aspects of the case. When he tried to settle the tort claim, the previous lawyer wanted me to accept the first low offer. I am so glad that Mr. Wolf is not easily intimidated...”

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