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Our Goal Is To Ensure That We Honestly And Fairly Represent Our Clients

We understand that our clients are in crisis. We handle all aspects of a case from the very
beginning to the end. We personally handle all court attendances and ensure that our clients
are properly represented in every instance to obtain the best possible outcome.


Hiring a lawyer should not be a stressful event nor should it cause financial uncertainty.

We bill our clients based on a percentage of their damages upon settlement or judgment. We will pay all costs associated with our retainer including all court filing fees, expert reports and investigation costs. We only bill our clients when we achieve a settlement or judgment in their favour.

Our fee structure is confirmed in writing and jointly signed by the client and a lawyer with our firm.

We will not charge our clients if we cannot obtain a settlement or favourable judgment on their behalf. We ensure that the financial risk of litigation is borne solely by our firm and not by our clients.

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No lawyer-client relationship is established by its use and any confidential information should not be electronically sent to the firm unless a written retainer agreement has been confirmed.